• SKID-TEX® ST30 Non-Skid Additive

A non-skid slip resistant compound, specially-formulated for easy mixing and application in all types of surface paints.

Adding this to your surface paint provides a durable non-skid safety coating for interior and exterior surfaces that allows for increased traction and helps to prevent slips or falls. Adding this to your surface paint is especially valuable for walking surfaces that can be wet and slippery from the marine elements. Application is as easy as applying paint and can be done with either a roller or brush.

SKID TEX will not change the color or the performance properties of the paint.

Skid Tex comes in 1 pound containers and is to be added to 1 gallon of paint.

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SKID-TEX® ST30 Non-Skid Additive

  • Brand: Bondex
  • Product Code: Non-Skid Additive
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  • $4.39