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OVERUST is a pigmented primer coating designed to be applied directly over rusty surfaces, new metal, or previously painted surfaces with a minimum amount of preparation. It is especially recommended for use on all iron and steel work exposed to corrosion by the elements i.e. BRIDGES, IRON, RAILINGS, FIRE ESCAPES, BOATS, etc. Use of OVERUST on any metal surface subject to rust corrosion will greatly reduce maintenance costs and in addition can be applied using conventional methods such as a brush, roller, or spray.

OVERUST is not just a primer coat that covers rust. OVERUST actually converts the rust on the surface of the metal preventing any further corrosive action, thus providing an economic option that inhibits damage from the elements. In addition OVERRUST has excellent freeze-thaw properties that prevent ruptures in the film keeping your surface strong. OVERUST can be top coated with other products to achieve the aesthetic look desired.

For brush or roller application use as is. (For spraying see directions for use when spraying). For best results apply OVERRUST with the temperature above 50 F degrees. Apply OVERRUST in a thickness that will penetrate any open area of the rusted surface. You will want to achieve an unbroken layer of film. Drying time to the touch 6 hours, recoatable in 12 hours, and dry through 16 hours.

RE COATING: Can be re-coated after a period of 48 hours with most enamels. No intermediate preparation is necessary.

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